Creating Production Music? Try Korg on the Nintendo 3DS

Production music is being created in the most unexpected of places, thanks to new mobile technology being made possible by Korg and Nintendo. By turning the 3DS portable gaming system into a virtual music studio, Korg is making music production easier, more accessible, and more portable than ever.

KORGM01D - Production Music Workstation

Korg’s M01D is a downloadable production studio for the 3DS that packs in tons of music programming features into on tiny handheld system.  Based on the KORG M1, the world’s first widely known music workstation, the M01D boasts a massive 24 voice-polyphony, over 300 sounds and a complete sequencer.  Song data and MIDI data can be saved to an SD card, making the mini studio great as a musical sketchpad. Everything can be saved and exported to Logic, Protools, and more for serious music production. Additionally, Nintendo’s 3DS Wi-Fi makes it possible to share song data with other musicians and friends, making the M01D an incredible collaborative tool.