Anyone Can Cook, But Can Anyone Sell Production Music?

production music - ratatouille

It seems that every company is trying to get on the production music train these days and sell their libraries to the public. What baffles me is this: how does a major, worldwide, multimedia/electronics mega company like Sony release a production music library of fewer tracks than most indie composers have laying around as scraps? Am I supposed to be impressed by this? And if they offer 4 versions of every track, that means they really have 400 compositions total. I don’t get it. What is the point of jumping into the production music business with nothing to offer? It reminds me of the movie Ratatouille, where Chef Gusteau claims, “Anyone can cook!”

Libraries today carry hundreds of thousands of tracks because video producers don’t want the same old production music track that they used last week, or that their competition used two days earlier. These days, with the low cost of digital technology leveling the playing field for musicians of all kinds, making music production so much easier and affordable, anyone can be a production music composer. Anyone can sell their production music!

So, Sony Creative was able to throw together 400 tracks. But should they really even bother? It’s like saying, we’re here…sort of. Not that I’m challenging Sony to get it together, the production music library scene is too crowded as it is. But maybe if you’re going to jump on the library music bandwagon, at least add some value.